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" The name 'Hashti' is derived from the prevalent use of octagonal architecture in the Middle East, which serves as both an integral part of the interior and exterior, akin to a vestibule."

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The primary objective of Hashti is to identify and address the conflicts and wars that persist among human societies. Hashti is designed with the aim of fostering peace within communities.


This strategy board game draws its inspiration from the symbolism of octagonal shapes, particularly in the context of religious conflicts, notably in the Middle East.Each token's design embodies a personal ideology, cleverly presented to transcend language barriers and resonate with a global audience. These tokens encapsulate the artist's hopes and dreams for a new world of connection unburdened by linguistic constraints.



Hashti delves into the life and experiences of an immigrant artist hailing from the Middle East who now resides in the USA. It is a reflection of the creator's own journey—a narrative of an artist ensnared within the borders of the United States. The Hashti Board Game serves as a vessel to convey the artist's life encounters, as they navigate their new surroundings. It serves as a metaphor for an artist grappling with desperation, meticulously marking the passage of time. The tokens in the game take on the shape of octagons, echoing the artist's sense of nostalgia, and transport players back to a time of personal connections before the digital age. The octagon holds significance as a symbol of connection and communication within the old houses of the Middle East. 



Foad SM - CEO & Designer

Patty MS - COO 

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